This page is all about the Earth TempleEdit


The Earth Temple is located directly below the village. You can first enter the Earth Temple via the town well or through a tunnel down the east mountain side. There are other entrances and exits to the Earth Temple but those cannot be used when you first start out the game.


The Earth Temple possesses a chasm made of wood platforms and obsidian bricks and dirt blocks. There are multiple corridors left and right throughout your descent in the chasm. These corridors can lead to dart trap and mob spawner gauntlets and can also lead to heart crystals, chests, and sometimes demon alters. At the bottom of the chasm there is an underwater segment where you can find silver armour. On the west side of the Earth temple you can fight the Eye of Cthulhu.

When to comeEdit

The Earth temple is the first temple to go to in the game. I would recommend coming here when you have thoroughly explored the village and the caves in the easten mountian of the twin peaks of Arazium.