1. Earth Temple - Eye of Cthulhu
  2. Corruption Temple - Eater of Worlds
  3. Obsidian's Volcano - Slogra and Gaibon (optional)
  4. The Orid's Jungle Ruins - Skeletron
  5. The Forgotten City - The Ancient Jungle Wyvern
  6. Fire Temple - The Wall of Flesh
  7. Hallowed Caverns - The Rage
  8. The Wyvern Mage's Mountain Fortress - Wyvern Mage (optional)
  9. The Frozen Ocean - The Sorrow
  10. Elengad's Desert Ruins - The Hunter
  11. The Twin Peaks of Arazium - The Twins
  12. Shadow Temple - The Destroyer
  13. Temple of the Machine/Water Temple - Skeletron Prime
  14. Attraidies' Sky Temple - Attraidies aka the Mindflayer King

Unconnected Optionial Boss Fights:

Attraidies' Sky Temple - Death

Corruption Temple - Marilith

Beneath the Western Ocean - Lich King

Shadow Temple - Kraken

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