Warning. This page contains *major* spoilers for every dungeon. Use only if you're really lost and try to avoid looking at future maps if you can all avoid it.

Also, these images don't account for the changes made for update 1.1 (there is a secret dungeon connected to the first dungeon that's not in the map below for instance).

Earth Temple

1 - Earth Temple

Shadow Temple

2 - Corruption Temple

Obsidian's Volcano

3 - Obsidian's Volcano

Jungle Ruins

4a - Underground Junge Ruins

4c - Underground Junge Ruins

Forgotten City

5 - Forgotten City

Fire Temple

6 - Fire Temple

Hallowed Caverns

7 - Hallowed Caverns

Wyvern Mage's Mountain Fortress

8 - Wyvern Mage Mountain Fortress

The Frozen Ocean

9 - The Frozen Ocean

Elegad's Desert Ruins

10a - Elengad's Desert Ruins

10b - Elengad's Desert Ruins

Shadow Temple

11a - Shadow Temple

11b - Shadow Temple

Temple of the Machine / Water Temple

12 - Water Temple

Sky Temple

13 - Sky Temple